Employment policy

In the area of employment promotion the ILO DWT/CO for Eastern Europe and Central Asia provides support to the tripartite constituents in:
  • promoting comprehensive employment policy framework based on the national context
  • design and implementation of employment policies;
  • strengthening labour market information system as a basis for evidence based policy making;
  • facilitation transition from informal to formal employment.
The performed tasks are aimed at advocating for the inclusion of employment as a central goal of national economic and social policy agendas.
Policy advice is provided to the ILO constituents on how to establish a better linkage between the identified employment challenges and strategies and tools to address them. A significance of policy coherence is stressed to demonstrate, on the one hand, how economic activation could be achieved through effective employment promotion and, on the other, what needs to be done to guarantee that the growth of the economy is followed by the employment growth.

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