Enterprises development

Enterprises are crucial in the creation of jobs. They are the main sources of income and wealth worldwide. A well functioning private sector leads to economic growth and prosperity, reducing poverty and income inequalities. ILO recognizes that productive, responsible, profitable and sustainable enterprises are imperative to sustainable economic development and to create more and better jobs. The creation of an institutional and economic environment is an integral component of the Decent Work Agenda and ILO’s constitutional mandate.

The ILO's approach to policy in the area of Enterprises development embraces an integrated and systemic approach to improve the functioning of markets, economic sectors and value chains in the understanding that it is difficult for stand-alone enterprise development initiatives to produce sustainable impact at scale. It combines evidence-based policy development with capacity building and enterprise support services, delivered at the international and country levels, through advisory services and large portfolio of technical cooperation. In doing so, the ILO works hand in hand with its tripartite constituents, other UN agencies and relevant partners.

Even though private enterprises are relatively new to countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, it is one of the main engines of economic growth, and jobs creation.

Business in the region face many challenges including unconducive business enabling environments, low productivity, lack of management skills, insufficient access to appropriate financial services and business development services, and lack of relevant skills. To address these challenges, the ILO works together with its constituents and other relevant partners in the sub-region to promote decent work and inclusive economic growth through the support of enterprises.

ILO Decent Work Team and Country Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (DWT/CO-Moscow) focuses on delivering the following services to its constituents:
  • Policy advice for the formulation and adoption of reforms of the business environment that contributes to a better business climate;
  • Technical support for the design and implementation of effective interventions to directly assist sustainable enterprises as well as potential entrepreneurs, including vulnerable groups such as youth, women and disadvantaged communities, by using ILO methodologies and tools for financial and non-financial enterprise support services;
  • Enhancing the implementation of social dialogue to address issues such as responsible business practices, corporate social responsibility, as well as inclusive markets and value chains by promoting the principles contained in the ILO’s MNE Declaration.
In the region, ILO’s management training programme, Start & Improve Your Business (SIYB) programme, is widely used with focus on starting and improving small businesses as a strategy for creating more and better jobs. The programme promotes business development policies that support decent job creation, entrepreneurship and encourage the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises and supports potential and existing small entrepreneurs to start viable businesses, improve its business sustainability and create quality employment for others in the process.

Through its diverse enterprise development activities and projects in the region, the Office provides technical support and policy advice to its tripartite constituents to undertake reforms and policies aimed at diversifying local economies, promote productivity, stimulate inclusive and sustainable economic growth. This allows the economies to be less dependent on natural resources and international remittances from migrant workers.