Mobility of health professionals between the Philippines and selected EU member States: A policy dialogue

The policy implications and recommendations derived from the research and comments from reactors and participants suggest directions for the ILO and DWAB team and the ILO tripartite constituencies. For trade unions, there are roles for them to take such as advocacy, support, and organizing roles, which would help them support migrant workers rights, to look at organizational change, and be better able to organize and meet the needs for better working conditions in destination countries.

This documentation report contains the following sections: (a) Background - presents ILO’s mandate, the ILO-DWAB Project and the objectives of the Policy Dialogue; (b) Opening messages - presents the organizers’ opening messages; (c) Research, Presentation, and Discussion - highlights the key points in each of the researchers’ presentations -- contexts, research, questions, objectives, methodology, findings and data analysis, policy implications, and recommendations.