The Business Case for Change

Leading to Success: the business case for women in business and management in the Philippines

The country brief demonstrates the business case for gender diversity in management and workplace gender equality in the Philippines considering the COVID-19 context.

This country brief is part of a global report from the Bureau of Employers Activities of International Labour Organization (ILO), which surveyed 13,000 enterprises across 70 countries.

It highlights findings relevant to the Philippines from the report Women in Business and Management (WIBM): The Business Case for Change. These findings are complemented by ILO and Investing in Women (IW) research. The WIBM research examined how gender diversity at decision-making levels of business improves organizational performance and increases profitability.

In the Philippines, the survey was conducted with 389 enterprises of different sizes and sectors. More than eight out of ten enterprises in the Philippines recognize the positive impacts of gender diversity on business. About 84 per cent of the Filipino companies polled say gender diversity has brought several benefits to their businesses.