Message at the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MOLE) Strategic Planning Workshop

By Ms Ma. Concepcion Sardaña, Senior Programme Officer on behalf of Mr Khalid Hassan, Director, ILO Country Office for the Philippines at the MOLE Strategic Planning Workshop, 1 March 2022, Cotabato, Philippines

Statement | Manila, Philippines | 01 March 2022
Asalamu Alaykum!
  • Hon. Romeo Sema and officials of the Ministry of Labor and Employment,
  • Representatives of key government agencies in BARMM,
  • Partners from the Department of Labor and Employment, especially Director Adie de Castro
  • Atty Rebecca Chato and Ms Ofel Domingo,
  • Distinguished guests,
  • Ladies and gentlemen, good morning!
On behalf of our Country Director Khalid Hassan, let me thank the organizers of this event - the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MOLE).

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is truly pleased to work with you in this very important initiative.

This strategic planning is an important milestone to achieve decent work for all in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM).

This is an important exercise to define goals in line with MOLE’s 2023- 2030 vision of a “decent, competitive, productive and sustainable employment in the Bangsamoro.”

Decent work contributes to achieve peace, social cohesion and transitional justice in BARMM. It is a goal as well as a pathway towards prosperity, equality, sustainable development, and lasting peace within the framework of the Humanitarian-Development-Peace nexus.

The Employment and Decent Work for Peace and Resilience Recommendation, 2017 (No. 205) or ILO Recommendation No. 205 provides a unique normative framework to prevent and respond to devastating effects of crises on economies and societies. It aims to primarily support constituents in the development and implementation of local, national, and regional strategies and measures.

On this basis, ILO Manila was pleased to receive a request for technical support for this strategic planning with the commitment of MOLE under the leadership of Minister Sema to advance social justice through decent work in the region.

The ILO has since supported the region through the Labour Administration Assessment as reference for MOLE to formulate an action plan that will strengthen its mandate, and the Labour Market Assessment, which provides an analysis of the economy, labour market and skills development in the region.

These assessments can contribute to ongoing discussions and plans, and provide an analysis for environmental scanning.

The Decent Work Country Programme of the Philippines is a product of social dialogue based on priorities and outcomes set by government, workers, and employers. MOLE can reflect on these priorities and outcomes based on what is applicable to BARMM with its own cultural and regional context.

Compliance to international labour standards is also viewed by more investors as good business and it is important that the strategic plan is also anchored on labour standards, which can open more opportunities to the Bangsamoro region.

These are key steps along with putting people at the centre of all efforts based on the ILO Global Call to Action for Human-Centred Recovery from COVID-19 that is inclusive, sustainable and resilient.

I truly commend the efforts of MOLE in organizing this strategic planning. I wish you all the success in creating a roadmap towards achieving peace and development that is human-centered, and anchored on decent work and social justice.

We at the ILO remain ready to support MOLE in the process of promoting decent work in the region, invigorating cooperation with development partners, and mobilizing resources to build a better future of work that is human-centred.

I look forward to a productive and successful workshop that will make decent work a reality in the region and leave no one behind!

Maraming salamat po (Thank you very much)!