Opening address at the Inception Workshop: Baseline Study and Sectoral Assessment of Working Conditions in the Rural Sectors

By Mr Khalid Hassan, Director, ILO Country Office for the Philippines at the Inception Workshop: Baseline Study and Sectoral Assessment of Working Conditions in the Rural Sectors, 3 December 2021, Manila, Philippines

Statement | Manila, Philippines | 03 December 2021
On behalf of the ILO and the ILO Project on Improving Workers' Rights in the Rural Sectors of the Indo-Pacific with a focus on Women, I extend my warm greetings to all of you!
  • Assistant Secretary Ma. Teresita S. Cucueco of the Department of Labor and Employment and representatives from Government agencies supporting the project,
  • officials from the Employers’ Confederation of the Philippines and partners from sectoral employers’ organizations,
  • brothers and sisters from workers organizations and trade unions, including from rural and informal sectors, and
  • our baseline and sectoral assessments consultants, good afternoon!
In August 2021, the ILO, together with its tripartite partners, launched the Project on Improving Workers’ Rights in the Rural Sectors of the Indo-Pacific with a focus on Women, with support from the United States Department of Labor.

This started the project’s official implementation, which aims to ensure and sustain improved working conditions, especially for women workers, through the improvement and promotion of labour laws compliance, occupational safety and health and gender equality, in the rural sectors in the Philippines and Indonesia.

The Project, is also being implemented under the ILO’s Safety and Health for All Flagship Programme, and that is envisioned to support, not just the achievement of decent work, but also to improve the safety and health of workers in the rural sectors.

One of the key activities of this project is the establishment of baseline information and assessment of rural sectors to better understand their working conditions including identification of possible areas and opportunities for reform, identifying what are the drivers of compliance and non-compliance.

The Baseline Study and Sectoral Assessment will help us develop evidence and needs-based interventions to more sustainably address decent work deficits in the sector, while also improving the target sector’s competitiveness.

A first step in the Project Baseline is the conduct of this tripartite Inception Workshop which will provide us an opportunity to provide inputs on the methodology to ensure that we can fully capture working conditions, issues and recommendations for Project interventions.

With your active participation in this activity, I have high hopes that we can bring about the real change we want in the lives and working conditions of our rural sectors.

I therefore take this opportunity emphasize how significant it is for us to review how we can better make the baseline study and sectoral assessment more responsive to our tripartite partners, and to the rural sectors in general.

Your continuous support and engagement are crucial for the successful implementation of this project. Before I conclude, I would also like to acknowledge the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) for supporting and making this project possible.

In closing, let me wish you a substantive and successful discussion. We look forward to the results that can leads us closer to making decent work a reality in the rural sector

Thank you and Mabuhay!