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  1. Artists rock against child labour, mark Philippines Independence Day

    09 June 2015

    The Philippines marks Independence Day and joins the rest of the world for the World Day Against Child Labour 2015 with the Batang Malaya: Freedom from child labour open concert.

  2. Providing better working and living conditions for migrant fishers in the ASEAN region

    27 April 2015

    The issue of work in fishing is important for countries in Asia, including Southeast Asia. Over 87 per cent of the world’s fishers and 73 per cent of the global fleet of fishing vessels come from Asia (FAO, 2012). Cambodian and Myanmar migrant workers, for example, work on Thai vessels fishing in Malaysian and Indonesian waters; while beyond the ASEAN region, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Filipino fishermen also work on Korean and Taiwanese vessels.

  3. DSWD, ILO partner for sustainable livelihood

    09 March 2015

    The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) today strengthened its partnership and signed a grant agreement to support sustainable livelihood and community enterprise development in regions affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).


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    ILO initial estimates reveal 800,000 workers affected by Hagupit; stands ready to assist through emergency employment

    10 December 2014

    The ILO estimates 800,000 workers have been affected by Typhoon Hagupit, locally known as Ruby, with their source of livelihood damaged or disrupted overnight. In response, the ILO stands ready to allocate US$1.5 million and to support the government through emergency employment and sustainable livelihood.

  2. EU and ILO promote decent work for health professionals

    20 November 2014

    For the past three years, the ILO, in partnership with migration-relevant government agencies, employers and workers’ organizations and civil society, has been implementing the European Union-financed project on “Decent Work across Borders”. The project focuses on raising awareness for the safe, ethical and decent migration and voluntary return of health-care professionals and skilled workers from the Philippines, India and Viet Nam to selected European member States.

  3. Philippines stands to gain 3.1 million jobs as part of AEC common market

    08 October 2014

    Decisive policy action now is a must in order for the Philippines to benefit from the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

  4. Philippine launch and high-level national policy dialogue on the ASEAN Community 2015: Managing integration for better jobs and shared prosperity

    29 September 2014

    The ILO and the Asian Development Bank, with support from the ASEAN Secretariat, have conducted a study on ASEAN Community 2015: Managing integration for better jobs and shared prosperity. The report with the Philippine Country Brief will be launched in a high-level national policy dialogue on Wednesday, 8 October 2014.

  5. Promoting a people and job-centred approach to disaster response

    25 September 2014

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Australian Government will bring together community leaders from areas hit by Typhoon Bopha (also named Pablo) in a forum to discuss a people and job-centred approach to disaster response.

  6. ILO Meeting to discuss ways to improve skills development in Asia-Pacific

    18 July 2014

    An International Labour Organization (ILO) meeting is expected to roll out new action plans to improve skills development in Asia and the Pacific.

  7. EU, ILO and IOM join forces to promote ethical recruitment

    02 April 2014

    Many migrants continue to be exposed to the risk of being lured into exploitative employment by unscrupulous brokers. The ILO, IOM and the EU convene Asian recruitment agencies in Manila to discuss ways to improve migration governance systems, ethical recruitment and the professionalization of the industry.

  8. Japanese Government donates US$3 million to help Typhoon Haiyan victims

    13 March 2014

    The Japanese Government is to fund a US$3,000,000 project to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan rebuild their livelihoods.

  9. TESDA, ILO aid typhoon survivors with training and tools

    06 March 2014

    The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority and the ILO signed a partnership agreement to help thousands of people affected by Haiyan through skills training, decent work and sustainable livelihoods.

  10. Lessons from Japan's tsunami response to aid Philippines Typhoon Haiyan victims

    19 February 2014

    A high-level ILO delegation from the Philippines agreed during a visit to Japan that creating decent work opportunities will be the key to the long-term success of the response to Typhoon Haiyan.

  11. Rebuilding livelihoods after super typhoon Haiyan

    05 February 2014

    Three months after Super Typhoon Haiyan hit parts of the Philippines, the ILO response programme is expanding with the support of the Governments of Norway and Japan, the International Maritime Employers’ Council and other partners.

  12. ILO: Sustainable livelihoods key for post-Haiyan recovery

    07 January 2014

    Building on years of experience, the ILO is helping survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan restore their livelihoods by supporting the government in providing emergency employment, skills training and enterprise development.


  1. ILO: Emergency employment and livelihoods spell recovery

    26 December 2013

    Over 20,000 workers who lost their livelihoods to Typhoon Haiyan were hired under the emergency employment programme to help rebuild their communities within decent and safe working conditions. This approach has been used in countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Timor Leste to help the vulnerable who suffer the most in crisis and disasters.

  2. ILO and private sector join hands to protect typhoon-affected workers

    23 December 2013

    The private sector helps ensure that people in Haiyan-affected areas do not fall victims again of work-related illnesses or accidents. Consuelo Foundation, Ace Hardware and SM Cares partner with ILO to provide much-needed emergency employment for thousands of families and to promote safety and health.

  3. ILO Assistant Director-General commends typhoon emergency employment work

    13 December 2013

    By the end of the year, 20,000 workers and their families will have benefited from the Emergency Employment Programmes run by the Department of Labor and Employment, with the support of the International Labour Organization. The ILO’s most senior official in Asia Pacific visited Tacloban and Basey, two typhoon-hit areas to look at progress and needs on-the-ground.

  4. ILO Assistant Director-General to visit typhoon areas

    10 December 2013

    Mr Yoshiteru Uramoto, the ILO's Assistant Director-General and Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, is to pay a visit to the Philippines to visit those affected by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), talk to workers taking part in emergency employment programmes and review efforts to rebuild the livelihoods of those affected.

  5. ILO supports DOLE's emergency employment programmes

    09 December 2013

    The ILO is giving technical expertise and financial support to the Department of Labor and Employment's emergency employment programmes for Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) victims.