Disaster response

Power restoration in Mindanao worst typhoon-hit areas

The Philippine government has committed to restore electricity in all Typhoon Bopha (Pablo) affected areas within 45 days. The ILO supports this by applying a labour intensive approach and engaging workers for power restoration of five affected communities.

News | 11 March 2014
By: Jedel Ervin Tabamo, Project Coordinator
Typhoon Bopha: Joint response for post calamity interventions, local resource-based employment generation and livelihood recovery interventions in affected areas

The International Labour Organization (ILO) with funding from the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade supports the call of President Benigno S. Aquino III to reenergize all barangays in the municipalities of Baganga, Cateel and Boston.

Applying labour intensive approach, the ILO partnered with the Baganga Electricians Association (BEA) and Davao Oriental Electric Cooperative (DORECO) for power restoration in five communities located in Cateel and Baganga. These areas are part of the priority communities of the DORECO which need to restore electrical infrastructure and reenergize power lines in a span of 45 days. Through the joint effort of the ILO, BEA and DORECO, targeted communities can expect electrification on or before the end of March 2014.

Using the ILO’s community contracting approach, the BEA will provide overall management and employment of 18 working days to 110 workers that will be assisted by the DORECO in the reenergization activity. BEA, being the local organization will process and pay for the workers’ wages, process the workers’ social protection, ensure social security and health insurance coverage and procure personal protective equipment.

The ILO Project Team held successive orientations with the BEA, DORECO and workers on 7 and 8 March. The orientations covered labour standards and policies, safety and health at work, and guidelines for local organizations and workers, including a technical briefing of the DORECO. Activities to restore electricity started on 10 March.

Ms Mary Ann Santos of the Davao Oriental Electric Cooperative explains the intention to reenergize communities affected by Typhoon Bopha (Pablo).

The ILO with officials from the Davao Oriental Electric Cooperative and the Baganga Electricians Association discuss the implementation plan to help restore electricity in communities affected by Typhoon Bopha (Pablo).

Ms Lenji Veroy, the ILO’s lead nurse, orients onsite nurses of the Baganga Electricians Association in Cateel, Davao Oriental prior to starting the work of restoring electricity in five communities affected by Typhoon Bopha (Pablo).