Occupational safety and health

SafeYouth@Work Project Briefing for Stakeholders and Partners

The ILO's SafeYouth@Work Project gathered key stakeholders and partners to provide more information on the global project on occupational safety and health (OSH) funded by the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) piloted in the Philippines.

The stakeholders and tripartite partners of the Safe and Healthy Youth Project were in full attendance during the project's briefing. The project was officially launched in the Philippines, and informed stakeholders and partners of what it intends to do until December 2018. The four components of the project and the role of stakeholders and partners were discussed to secure the commitment of institutions and organizations to ensure the attainment of results. The briefing also covered the presentation of the 2016 to 2018 work plan, and proposed terms of reference for the Project Steering Committee.

Mr Hideki Kagohashi, the Enterprise Development Specialist of ILO CO-Manila, welcomes the participants for gracing the event. In his message, he discussed several challenges on occupational safety and health, which may be addressed by the project such as having better data, promoting convergence to implement OSH interventions, capacitating partners and key stakeholders and developing a proactive information and education campaign.
In the opening address of the International Labour Organization Country Office for Philippines, it was emphasized that the project will help establish the national occupational safety and health (OSH) system. This is why the project has a broader coverage which looks at availability of OSH data in the country; appropriateness of policies, plans and programmes to resolve OSH issues; capacity of stakeholders and partners to effectively implement OSH policies and programmes; engagement of young workers and youth-based organizations to strengthen education and information campaigns; and availability of a communication strategy that will support the development of a culture of prevention.

Ms Susanita Tesiorna of the Alliance of Workers in the Informal Economy/Sector (ALLWEIS) gave some suggestions on expanding the membership of the Project Steering Committee, to include the National Youth Commission or NYC since the project has a special focus on young workers.
Mr Julius Cainglet of the Federation of Free Workers or FFW provides some comments on the roles and functions of the Project Steering Committee.

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