Roadmap towards impact assessment of Batas Kasambahay

Discussion Towards the Development of a Roadmap Towards Impact Assessment of Batas Kasambahay: Regular Meeting of the Philippine Technical Working Group on Decent Work for Domestic Workers (Domestic Work TWG)

Tripartite- plus members of Domestic Work TWG will convene to meet and present the results that transpired during the “Stakeholders’ Workshop towards a Participatory Impact Assessment of Domestic Workers’ Situation in the Philippines” in April 2015. ILO will present the summary of results based from the final report prepared by the Technical Team commissioned by ILO to facilitate and document the entire process.

After that, Domestic Work TWG members will discuss the next steps and ways to move forward with the results in line with the proposal to develop a roadmap towards the conduct of impact assessment in measuring effects of policy and legal reforms on domestic work in the Philippines. ILO will also present the areas of support to offer the Domestic Work TWG in the development of the said roadmap.