Comparative study on competency and equivalency standards in the Philippines

Focus Group Discussion on the Comparative Study on Competency and Equivalency Standards Between Philippines and Selected Destination Countries

From 14-19 March 2013, the CGFNS International team will be in the Philippines to conduct interviews and focus group discussions to highlight rich professional context and important qualitative observations to support the interpretation of findings.

The ILO-EU funded project ON Decent Work Across Borders (DWAB) commissioned Commission on Graduate of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS International) to conduct a research on how the nursing curriculum and practice systems in the Philippines compare to those of Finland, Norway and Denmark.

The first phase of the study consists of four country profiles focusing on regulation, accreditation and outcomes of nursing education and practice programMEs. Those will be validated by nurse consultants in the respective countries. Partners from government, embassies, academe, health professional organizations and schools will participate in the discussion.