FAIR Recruitment

Request for quotation: Production and scripting of a five-minute film to document the results and accomplishments of the FAIR Project in the Philippines

The ILO invites submission of quotation from experienced and eligible individuals to produce a five-minute film of the Integrated Programme on Fair Recruitment (FAIR Project). The deadline for submission is on 5 October 2018. The proposed dates for the assignment is from October to November 2018.

While adopting a holistic approach and operating at multiple levels, through its pilot interventions, Integrated Programme on Fair Recruitment (FAIR) - Philippines would like to commission the production of a culminating video to document lessons learned during Phase 1.

The video will capture different perspectives from project stakeholder on different issues such as how to stimulate demand for fair recruitment and demonstrate that it is beneficial for all. It will also seek answers to key project objectives such as how to improve and inform the monitoring of recruitment practices, how to further support trade unions to enhance their capacities and bolster their initiatives aimed at providing more and better information and services to migrant workers in the recruitment stage, and how to strengthen migrant workers’ access to justice at different stages of the migration process. A key question on building global consensus around the definition of recruitment fees and costs, and sharing the necessary knowledge to aliment evidenced based policy and decision making at all level of intervention and ensure replicability and up-scaling of project supported initiatives will be raised to key stakeholders. Finally, it is important to enhance project visibility by disseminating results and gains and by supporting the media as champions of fair recruitment.