Computer Assisted Interview methods are being increasingly used in survey implementation. Questionnaires implemented in this way can utilise in-built features to improve the flow of the questionnaire for the interviewer and respondent versus pen and paper questionnaires. This not only lowers respondent burden, but it also increases the ability to create more varied and wide-ranging questionnaires which is more difficult to manage through PAPI. Furthermore the ability to capture data electronically creates both data quality and efficiency gains given the possibility to implement improved real-time validations and the removal of the need for manual data entry. As such, CAPI and other computer assisted interviewing methods offer a wide range of benefits both for data quality but also in efficiency, flexibility and adaptability of surveys.

ILO CAPI Resources

The ILO has launched an updated and expanded range of resources to support countries in LFS implementation. Users can now access the latest version of the ILO modular LFS questionnaire for CAPI (V3) and an innovative “Build your own LFS ” tool (beta version) that enables customization of the modular LFS content to reflect the national context.

This set of resources is a key part of the ILO’s strategy to develop a flexible modular LFS package to meet demands for support for measurement of a wide range of work and labour related topics through household surveys.

The work-related modules are designed to produce core labour statistics aligned with the latest ICLS standards and good survey practice including:

Additional modules covering key background characteristics to generate indicators and disaggregations as needed to support monitoring of Decent Work, SDGs and other national and global goals, are also provided including: basic demographics, education, migration status and disability status, aligned with the latest international standards and survey practice on those topics.

Build your own LFS
Programme Builder (beta)

The easy-to-use “Build your own LFS” tool generates a CAPI application for CSPro which can be deployed for use on android devices. This beta version is being launched to support testing and as an illustration of the added functionality and user customization coming soon!

Future updates will include more advanced tools to support national adaptation of the model LFS questions, new modules covering related topics, additional administrative modules to handle sample management, interviewer workload assignment, field supervision, French and Spanish language versions, among many others.

ILO CAPI LFS documentation

(Latest: Version 3, Jul 2019)

Approach 1 Approach 2 Approach 3
ILO model LFS questionnaire for CAPI - Demographic and background characteristics (v3, 2019) Word PDF
ILO model LFS questionnaire for CAPI - Labour Modules (v3, 2019) Word PDF
National adaptation guide for ILO CAPI model LFS - Demographic and background characteristics (v3, 2019) Word PDF
National adaptation guide for ILO CAPI model LFS - Labour Modules (v3, 2019) Word PDF
Changes introduced in ILO CAPI model LFS (v3, 2019) PDF

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