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Information resources

LAB/ADMIN information resources

To support its constituents, LAB/ADMIN makes available on this website good practices on labour inspection and labour administration. It moreover displays short briefs on labour inspection and labour administration systems throughout the world to allow for a comparative overview. Labour administration and inspection audits conducted by the Programme in most cases results in the drafting of an audit report which – once the compulsory confidentiality period expired – would be likewise accessible on this site.

  • Figures and Statistics on Labour Inspection Systems
    This document is designed to capture the results, trends and methodological difficulties found in the collection and consolidation of figures on the Labour Inspection System (LIS). For this study we followed the guidelines of the ILO Convention No.81, particularly those enacted in Articles 8 and 21, and placed a greater emphasis on those countries that have formally ratified the convention.
  • Labour inspection country profiles
    This page provides a short overview on existing labour inspection systems in diverse regions of the world and how they can be useful to practitioner.
  • Practical tools for labour inspectors
    The new realities in the world of work pose many challenges to labour inspectorates who now more than ever need further resources to ensure they deliver a high quality service. In this section, labour inspectors and managers will find toolkits, checklists, handbooks, codes of practice and other practical tools to help them achieve better results in labour inspection.
  • Training Materials for labour inspectors
    Labour inspection is a complex and demanding occupation that requires not only commitment but also competency and professional training. Without regular and proper training it is difficult if not impossible for labour inspections to provide a high quality service. This section includes different sets of training material to help labor inspectors face new realities in the world of work.