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Labour inspection country needs assessments

The Government, through its labour administration system, bears a heavy responsibility in the field of labour and social affairs – most importantly to guarantee fundamental human rights (such as freedom of association, the right to bargain collectively or equal treatment), to ensure decent working conditions, to combat discrimination, to promote full employment, to safeguard social peace, and protect citizens against economic risks. Enforcement of labour law and promoting compliance through public labour inspections is one of its core mandates.

Resource list | 22 May 2014
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The ILO, through its Labour Administration, Labour Inspection and Occupational Safety and Health Branch (LABADMIN/OSH), provides a wide array of services to national labour administration systems, namely to ministries of labour. Implementation of labour administration/inspection needs assessments is one of the possible interventions – helping the Member States to identify gaps in the capacity of their national labour administration systems and to open a debate about possible ways of addressing them. Obviously, such a needs assessment is only a first step; it needs to be followed by an implementation plan and, if required, by more specific interventions of the ILO, addrehe ssing specific technical areas or providing specialized training to specific categories of the Ministry’s employees.