About the Programme

LAB/ADMIN pursues technical assistance and technical cooperation programmes with a view to assisting the ILO constituents, in particular Ministries of Labour and labour administration/inspection systems, to play a crucial role as their functions include improvement of working conditions, compliance with labour legislation, prevention and settlement of labour disputes, promoting tripartism, transparency and fluidity of the labour market, and development of adequate vocational training systems. To do this, labour administration/inspection systems and Ministries of Labour need to adapt their actions and services on a regular basis; they also need to develop new forms of organization, management and intervention. LAB/ADMIN supports them by providing comparative information and advice based on ILO standards and international practice.

LAB/ADMIN carries out its technical assistance and activities with a view to assisting labour administrations, including labour inspection systems and employment services, in the design and implementation of more effective policies and measures for the protection of workers and the improved functioning of labour markets. It ensures that labour inspection concerns are addressed in the Decent Work Country Programmes.

In this context, LAB/ADMIN aims at the accomplishment of:

  • Building capacity of labour administration to implement the ILO Decent Work Agenda through elaboration and implementation of labour policies.
  • Strengthening labour inspectorates to be modern and effective with tools of governance.
  • Establishing and strengthening the legal and institutional framework of labour administration and inspection systems carrying out labour administration and labour inspection audits and designing action plans.
  • Ensuring an efficient coordination of the various administrations and agencies dealing with social matters and policies.
  • Promoting relevant ILO International Labour Standards.
  • Ensuring the consultation and participation of workers and employers in labour administration and inspection systems.

LAB/ADMIN leads the ILO’s work on technical support and advisory services mobilizing the relevant expertise across the Office and works though networks across technical sectors and regions to enhance assistance to constituents.

LAB/ADMIN has an established relationship with networks such as the International Association of Labour Inspection (IALI) and the Senior Labour Inspectors Committee (SLIC). It keeps a close cooperation with the International Training Centre of the ILO in Turin (ITC/Turin) as well as with regional labour administration centres such as ACLAE, ARLAC and CRADAT.