ITC Turin
ITC Turin is the vocational training institute of the ILO, which develops training curricula and conducts training courses for ILO constituents. Within the mandate of the Programme it provides training for labour administrators and labour inspectors, on the basis of training courses which are developed in close collaboration with the Programme.

ACLAE – Arab center for labour administration and Employment – has been created with the objective to build capacities of labour administration staff of the Arab member States in order to allow them to efficiently contribute to the development of social and economic policies, including the improvement of labour relations and labour law compliance.

ARLAC is the African Regional Labour Administration Center which has been established to provide training to its constituents in mainly Anglophone Africa in the field of labour administration, undertake research and studies, produce and publish training materials.

CRADAT has been set up as the African Regional Labour Administration Center covering African States member to the African Union. It ensures the education and vocational training of labour administration staff and social partners in the field of labour and social security and intensifies mutual technical cooperation.