Labour Migration for Employment: A Status Report for Nepal 2014/2015

The report is to document the current data, trends, issues and challenges relating to foreign employment and inform various country-level initiatives in both sending and receiving countries, including policy decisions and the improvement of migration management mechanisms and governance institutions to promote safe and dignified migration.

Strengthening governance of labour migration requires knowledge and information critical to formulate and implement policies and practice. The second national Labour Migration for Employment, A Status Report for Nepal: 2013/2014 is a comprehensive report brought out by the Ministry of Labour and Employment with the support from the ILO, the International Organization for Migration, and The Asia Foundation.

Capturing official quantitative data on various aspects of labour migration, the report aims to assess and delineate the magnitude of migration for foreign employment from Nepal. In addition to highlighting government-led initiatives at the policy and structural levels, the report explores four thematic areas: link between national development and foreign employment; post April 2015-earthquake assessment and foreign employment; women in foreign employment; and student visas and employment.

The report aims to provide a framework for policy makers, development practitioners and researchers for determining priorities and interventions on labour migration.