When the safety of Nepali migrant workers fails: A review of data on the numbers and causes of the death of Nepali migrant workers

The report presents and analyses data sets and information on the deaths of Nepali migrant workers during their employment in the countries of destination. In addition to providing a comprehensive review of the numbers and reasons for the death of Nepali migrants, the report also aims to compare it with the death rates of the general population in Nepal. It makes an attempt to take a critical look at the limitations of the data while highlighting how the reporting on fatalities among migrant workers can be improved.

While labour migration generates substantial benefits for Nepal in terms of jobs and remittances and human resources for countries of destination, challenges such as abuses during recruitment and employment are quite common and have been well documented. The high incidence of reported deaths among Nepali citizens during their employment abroad is a serious concern to all those involved in any way for the safety and well-being of migrant workers. This report presents a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the available data linked to the number of migrant workers who die during employment abroad while proposing recommendations on how those processes could be improved so that a more comprehensive and accurate picture can be presented.