High-level Consultation Meeting on Migration for Development

Labour, Agricultural Development and Climate Change: Integrating Labour Migration in the Sectoral Policies

A high-level consultation meeting led by the National Planning Commission and the Ministry of Labour and Employment together with the Kathmandu Migration Group which is a group of international partners supporting the Government of Nepal on mainstreaming migration into development strategies. The ILO is a part of the Kathmandu Migration Group. The consultation aims to provide a platform to discuss the inter-linkages of labour migration into relevant development sectors to inform a more inclusive and sustainable approach to policy formulation in Nepal.

The rise in the mobility in search of decent work opportunities has been commanding the attention of policy-makers and prompting dialogue for multilateral cooperation. As labour migration has moved to the center stage in all levels of policy formulation, the linkages between labour migration and development cannot be ignored. Development and promotion of policies that maximize the contribution of migration to development is an essential component. The inter-linkages of migration into other relevant sectors pave the way for a more balanced, inclusive and sustainable approach to policy formulation.

The objective of this high-level consultation is to initiate a discourse on the need of a systematic approach of mainstreaming issues of labour migration into other sectors such as national employment, education, health, agriculture, and climate change. The contribution of labour migration to these various sectors needs to be recognized and brought into the mainstream policy discourse to maximize the benefit. The consultation aims to identify areas of priority to integrate migration in the development policy of the Government of Nepal through an inclusive process involving all national stakeholders and development partners.

The event will include an inter-ministerial panel discussion representing the Ministry of Labour and Employment; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development; Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare; Ministry of Agricultural Development; and Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment. This consultation will result in the formulation of a few concrete action points to take this discourse further and to give a clear way forward on how the benefits of labour migration can be harnessed for the development of Nepal.

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National Project Coordinator
South Asia Labour Migration Governance Project
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