Global Jobs Pact - Policy Briefs - Full List

The Global Jobs Pact policy brief series is intended to inform you of the relevance of the ILO’s technical areas of work in addressing economic downturns, as well as assisting in sustainable economic recoveries.

Policy Brief No.1: Investments in Infrastructure – an effective tool to create decent jobs

Policy Brief No.2: Innovations in Public Employment Programmes

Policy Brief No. 3: Including the informal economy in the recovery measures

Policy Brief No.4: Setting an Employment Target: Some Considerations

Policy Brief No.5: The Role of Employment Services in Supporting the Labour Market

Policy Brief No.6: Including people with disabilities in crisis response

Policy Brief No.7: Strategies to Limit or Avoid Job Losses in Enterprises

Policy Brief No. 8: Supporting SMEs and their Workers through the Crisis

Policy Brief No.9: Promoting Green Jobs for Recovery and Sustainable Development

Policy Brief No.10: The Resilience of Social and Solidarity Enterprises: the Example of Cooperatives

Policy Brief No.11: Responsible practices in supply chains

Policy Brief No.12: Financing job creation – why access to finance is key and what policy can and cannot do

Policy Brief No.13: Coherent Trade and Employment Policies in the Global Crisis

Policy Brief No. 14: Policy Options to Support Young Workers during Economic Recovery

Policy Brief No.15: Global economic crisis, gender and work: key policy challenges and options

Policy Brief No.16: Income generation and sustainable livelihoods for people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS

Policy Brief No.17: Protecting Migrant Workers Beyond the Crisis

Policy Brief No.18: Work Sharing: Working Time Adjustments as a Job Preservation Strategy

Additional briefs will be coming soon.