Measuring employment in the tourism industries beyond a tourism satellite account: a case study of Indonesia

Indonesia has been selected as a pilot county for the Joint ILO/UNWTO Project. The objective of this Joint Project is to carry out an in-depth study on possible ways of applying the latest international recommendations in the field of tourism statistics to produce new sets of data on employment in the tourism industries beyond the TSA. Another objective of the study is to present the scope of Indonesia’s Decent Work Indicators and to suggest which of these could be used to measure progress on decent work in the tourism industries.

This publication is addressed to national producers of tourism statistics who would like to upgrade and/or enhance their methods used for data collection on employment in the tourism industries. It is also recommended to policy makers and specialists in tourism development to better understand and analyze the world of work in tourism and to develop tourism-specific labour market policies geared towards reducing decent work deficits in the tourism sector.