InSIGHT Phase 2

Industry Skills for Inclusive Growth Phase 2 - Indonesia

The InSIGHT Phase 2 Project aims to explore and prove that a skills-driven approach is an appropriate ‘pathway’ to deliver inclusive growth in Asia.


Japan Skills Project in Indonesia is part of the regional project (Industry Skills for Inclusive Growth Phase 2 project) funded by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan. The regional project covers Indonesia, the Philippines and other ASEAN member states. The duration of the project is three years.

The regional project aims at exploring and proving that a skills-driven approach is an appropriate ‘pathway’ to promote inclusive growth in Asia. This includes developing a model to strengthen human resources and capacity development mechanisms, taking into account the best practices and lessons from Japan and other ASEAN member countries.

The main interventions of the regional project will support the development of strategies and proactive response measures to help workers with their transitions in the labour market and adopting themselves to future skills needs. Furthermore, the project enhances linkages between skills development and other labour market policies in the fields including industrial relations and social protection.

The Indonesian leg of the project will generate synergies with other skills development projects and improve skills development policies and systems in order for Indonesia to respond effectively to changing skills demand of the economy. It promotes decent work and skills for young women and men, including people with disabilities.

The Japan Skills project in Indonesia has three priorities:

  1. Enhance responsiveness of the skills development system to the changing skills demand through stronger industry-TVET collaboration, including quality apprenticeship programme;
  2. Digital and distance learning is piloted and promoted easing an access to quality training; and
  3. Generate synergies among skills development and other labour market policies.


The Indonesian segment of the project provides technical assistance to ILO’s tripartite constituents (e.g. the government of Indonesia, employers’ organization and trade union confederations) and strengthens their capacity to improve skills development systems and effectively respond to rapidly changing skills demand. It addresses existing weaknesses in the skills development system that hamper the process of adequately equipping jobseekers and incumbent workers whose jobs are at risk with skills that are relevant to industry’s needs.

Key Partners

  • Ministry of Manpower
  • Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas)
  • Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs
  • Indonesian Employers’ Association (Apindo)
  • Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Kadin)
  • Trade union confederations
  • Public Vocational Training Center
  • Youth
  • Low skilled men and women
  • Under represented group