Events and meetings


  1. Training on basic concepts of “International Trade and Employment”

    17 - 20 May 2010

    “Assessing and Addressing the Effects of Trade on Employment (ETE)”, an ILO European Union funded project and the International Training Centre (ITC) ILO jointly organized a training on basic concepts of “International Trade and Employment” for Indonesian trade unions on 17 - 20 May 2010 at Hotel Alila in Jakarta.

  2. Youth Employment Conference

    15 - 16 April 2010

    The Workshop aims to enhance cooperation between the various stakeholders of youth employment in Indonesia and to make youth employment policies in Indonesia operational.

  3. Designing and Developing Competency-Based Learning Modules Workshop

    5 - 16 April 2010

    The Indonesian Government, through the directorate General in the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration, has set up a plan to revitalize BLK by strengthening its capacity to run competency-based training.

  4. Tripartite Consultation Workshop on Measuring Decent Work in Indonesia

    24 - 25 March 2010

    The Workshop aims to provide a platform for policymakers, statisticians, representatives of Workers’ and Employers’ organizations and other stakeholders in Indonesia to discuss the ILO’s framework for monitoring decent work.

  5. Presenting Timor-Leste’s Market-orientated Vocational Training System: a partnership between Government, Employers, Workers and Training Providers

    17 March 2010

    The Presentation to government, private industry and other stakeholders, will demonstrate the progress in regulating and strengthening the vocational training system in Timor-Leste.

  6. ILO/UI Ageing and Productivity Seminar

    15 March 2010

    The main objective of the seminar is to understand the meaning of population ageing in relation to productivity aspect, to improve the awareness of young generation in the preparation for productive ageing.

  7. Green Jobs Workshop

    10 March 2010

    The main objective of the workshop is to highlight the importance of green jobs and the Indonesian government's strategic priority within the context of Indonesia’s mid-term development plan.

  8. Communicating Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining: ILO Workshop for Employers and the News Media

    17 - 18 February 2010

    To create healthy and harmony industrial relationship, it is needed support from many parties, not only from related party. Mass media, such as printing, electronic, and online media, have a lot of roles (for instance roles to deliver information, to educate, to influence, and for social control), which if these are implemented appropriately, they shall give significant impacts.

  9. Protection of Indonesian Domestic Workers: Awareness Raising at National and Local Level

    14 February - 5 March 2010

    The campaign is aimed to educate and to raise awarenes of migrant workers communities about the protection of the rights of domestic workers, including ensuring the specific protection and needs of female domestic workers, and about the current development of the Indonesian bill on the protection of domestic workers and of the international standards-setting on domestic workers safe migration and the rights of workers.

  10. The Launch of ILO – BPS Child Labour Survey in Indonesia: “Working Children in Indonesia 2009”

    11 February 2010

    The first of its kind, the ICLS is a sub-sample and integrated in the 2009 National Labour Force Survey (Sakernas).


  1. Informal Economy Seminar: The Trends and Pattern of Indonesian Informal Economy

    29 December 2009

    The main objective of the seminar is to present a preliminary draft of the study in order to clarify the on-going debate with regard to the informal economy and the analysis that needs to be undertaken to not only contribute to the debate but also to inform policy design and implementation.

  2. Specialized Broadcast Event on Child Domestic Workers

    22 December 2009

    This event aims to raise the public awareness on the protection of child domestic workers.

  3. A Series of Specialized Broadcast Events on Migrant Workers

    21 December 2009

    These events aim to raise the public awareness on the protection of Indonesian migrant workers.

  4. The Commemoration of International Migrants Day 2009

    17 December 2009

    International Migrants Day 2009 marks a collaborative effort by the main national stakeholders and the ILO to promote basic human rights and labour protection of migrant workers. The public dialogue aims to foster greater understanding of the human cost of exploitation of migrant workers, problems faced by Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia as the main destination country and ways in which Indonesia can ensure effective protection of Indonesian migrant workers through a better legal enforcement throughout the migration process, starting from recruitment and training in Indonesia, during job placement abroad, and when returning to Indonesia.

  5. Routes out of the Crisis: Strategies for Local Employment Development Recovery, Skills Development and Social Protection in Asia

    1 - 3 December 2009

    The Conference brings together international, national and provincial level policy makers, employment and training services as well as practitioners from 15 countries worldwide to share experiences and develop effective ways to connect policy approaches on employment and skills development with local economic development. The Conference also highlights emerging good practices and challenges and facilitates the adaptation of local policy responses to the global economic crisis.

  6. Workshop on Decent Work, Labour Standards and the CEB Toolkit on Employment and Decent Work

    9 - 10 November 2009

    The workshop aims to enable policy makers and technical officials in Indonesia to mainstream employment and decent work in the national development plan, its implementation and related programmes. To this end the workshop will use the Chief Executive Board Toolkit on Employment and Decent Work as an assessment tool. Participants will be from a number of line ministries such as Agriculture, Trade, Marine and also from district and provincial level government entities.

  7. Radio Campaigns on Standards-Setting for Domestic Workers: Domestic Workers are Workers

    4 November - 5 December 2009

    The Campaign aims to provide better protection and recognition to domestic workers, with a focus on Indonesian domestic workers as well as to raise awareness about the plight of domestic workers in Indonesia.

  8. National Workshop on Indigenous and Tribal People in Indonesia

    28 October 2009

    The workshop aims to provide a forum to share information on indigenous and tribal rights as well as relevant mechanisms for protection.

  9. Examining International Standards-Setting for Indonesian Domestic Workers

    29 July 2009

    The seminar aims to enable tripartite constituents to engage a wider group of stakeholders in, not only in the international standards-setting process, but also in national initiatives to strengthen labour rights and protection measures for domestic workers.

  10. Insurance Policies for Migrant Workers: Current Practices, Gaps and Solutions

    14 July 2009

    The aims of this workshop are to assess the strength and weaknesses of the insurance and claims system for Indonesian migrant workers as well as to examine the role of insurance consortiums and the employment agencies in providing insurance for migrant workers. The workshop also provides a forum for dialogue to point the way forward in terms of policies on insurance and claim schemes.