Capacity Building Study Tour to the UK for Skills for Prosperity Polytechnics

A Study Tour to the UK is conducted to allow four polytechnic partners to spend two weeks at their corresponding partner institutions, with intensive programmes designed to provide intensive institutional knowledge sharing.

Polimarin’s delegates arrive at Solent University for a two-weeks capacity building activity. ©ILO


The ILO Skills for Prosperity Programme Indonesia, funded by UK Government aims to improve Indonesia’s skills development policies and systems to respond effectively to maritime skills demand and job opportunities.

The programme is structured to be delivered through four polytechnic partners (Batam State Polytechnic, Indonesia Marine State Polytechnic, Surabaya Shipbuilding State Polytechnic, Manado State Polytechnic), each representing a different strategic subsector of the Indonesian maritime economy, with the objective that through improving the equity, quality and relevance of key programmes in these institutions.

Four international academic institutions (City of Glasgow College, Solent University, University of Strathclyde and University of Gloucestershire) were selected through a global competitive process to support each of the Indonesian polytechnics. These partners were selected on the basis of their academic and technical strengths; as well as their ability to demonstrate proactive gender and social inclusion; orientation to industry needs and graduate employment; and a commitment to developing long-term sustainable relationships with these specific partners and in Indonesia more generally.

A Study Tour to the UK is now conducted to allow delegations from each province to spend two weeks at their corresponding partner institutions, with intensive programmes designed to provide intensive institutional knowledge sharing, in support of the current programmes of collaboration within the Skills for Prosperity Programme.

Study Tour Dates

Study Tour takes place for two weeks between 24 October and 11 November 2022 (some partners will start on 24 October, others will start on 31 October).


Each of the four detailed itineraries were designed in collaboration with both corresponding partners. All will include a combination of teaching and learning observations, industrial visits, site tours and demonstrations; with workshop and reflective activities designed to help participants capture relevant concepts and consider how these may relate or be adapted in their own institutions.

The itineraries also contain schedules for meetings concerning the sustaining or extension of the institutional relationship beyond the immediate scope of this project if this is relevant. Topics include MOU agreements, progression pathways, mobility programmes, and other forms of institutional knowledge sharing and collaboration.

The MoECRT delegation is scheduled to take place across one week during this period. It is intended that all four partnerships will be visited during this time.


There were 35 selected participants from four polytechnic partners and one extended university partner – University of Klabat. Selection of participants from each polytechnic/region were made on the basis of a written application. Through their application, all delegates must commit to undertake every session of the programme, or clearly state any restrictions on their time in advance.

There were also 4 representatives of Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (MoECRT) joining this study tour. They were scheduled to meet the representatives of Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FDCO) in Glasgow to discuss further collaboration of Indonesia-UK to improve maritime education in the country.