A Series of Webinars on Soft Skills for Youth #1: Expand your growth mindset

Soft Skills as new skills will have no powerful impact on their achievement in the working world unless they are supported by a Growth Mindset. Young workers having a Growth Mindset will be more successful in job competition than their counterparts with a Fixed Mindset.


Opening speeches:

  • Widura Iman, Head of Himpsi Jaya
  • Tauvik Muhamad, Technical Officer/Programme Manager, ILO InSight Phase-2 Project


  • Juanda Ali, Assistant Service Manager, Auto2000 Sunter
  • Achmad Rifqi, Tourism Destination Specialist
  • Delima Primasari, Self-Growth and Career Coach


  • Mohamad Wirzal Azraqi, Personal Development Trainer and Coach