4 in 1 Training of Trainers

The 4 in 1 training handbook is designed to enable non formal training providers to effectively implement competency-based trainings based on labour market requirements that, in turn, will lead to certification and employment.

ILO EAST Project and Directorate General for Non-formal and Informal Education (PNFI) MoNE initiated the publishing of 4 in 1 hand book. The 4 in 1 Training Handbook includes the basic concepts and some examples of how trainings can better lead to decent jobs and greater income security. It seeks to contribute to the implementation ILO Recommendation 195 on Human Resource Development, especially article three which states that Government should “facilitate lifelong learning and employability as part of a range of policy measures designed to create decent jobs, as well as to achieve sustainable economic and social development.” It also seeks to contribute to the Government of Indonesia goal to provide vocational training to out of school youths.

Ultimately, as part of a lifelong learning framework, this handbook will allow job seekers to improve their employability, those who have a job to adapt to new skills in demand, and companies to recruit the human resources they need for their growth. More directly, the handbook is designed to enable non formal training providers to implement effectively competency based trainings, based on labour market requirements, leading to certification and employment. More specifically, this handbook provides a step-by-step guidance for managers and instructors in Community Learning Centers and other non formal training providers to assess demand for skills, design and implement a competency based vocational training programme and link it with entrepreneurship training, ensure that trainees benefit from certification, as well as ensure that trainees benefit from after training support.