The National Conference on Green Jobs: The Way Forward

The government of Indonesia like many other countries in Asia and the Pacific have voluntarily committed to reducing green house gas (GHG) emissions by 2020. Indonesia has committed itself to reduce GHG emission by 26 per cent and by up to 41 per cent with International support. In order to achieve this, the government realizes that climate change planning cannot be separated from national economic development planning.


The effects of climate change and the resulting policies on the world of work are not always fully understood and in some cases considered a drain on the economy and competitiveness. Whereas in fact, most recent studies show that climate-smart policies can bring environmental, economic and social benefits together. The labour authorities and the social partners (ILO constituents) involvement in the development of inclusive and coherent climate policies are required. However, commitment at the highest political level will be required to ensure that environmental policy debates can address the gender and social dimension more prominently and that job recovery policies can take a more environmentally sustainable path.


  • Share experiences of other countries, national stakeholders in various sectors;
  • Facilitate dissemination of information on Green Jobs and understood by the participants;
  • Share ideas on how to create green jobs in Indonesia and identify skills requirement;
  • Identify existing government policies that could support creation of Green Jobs; and
  • Introduce the Indonesian Green Jobs Road Map.

For further information please contact:

Mr Muce Mochtar
National Project Coordinator of Green Jobs in Indonesia
Tel.: +6221 391 3112 ext. 105