News and press releases

This is a list of official ILO press releases issued by the ILO office in Jakarta and Timor-Leste. Some are available in multiple languages, indicated on the top of each release. The most recent release is at the top.


  1. HIV self-testing at workplace can contribute to end the HIV epidemic

    04 August 2023

    Relevant stakeholders, facilitated by the ILO, share their experiences, lessons learnt and challenges in the implementation of HIV self-testing at workplace in Indonesia.

  2. Launched, a series of HIV innovative interventions at workplace in Indonesia

    01 August 2023

    The ILO and its social partners join forces to develop and implement a series of HIV innovative interventions to support Indonesia achieving the triple 95s goals and strengthening its HIV/AIDS national programme.

  3. National partners take ownership of the ILO training manual on soft skills and financial management for migrant workers

    27 July 2023

    The training manual of the ILO’s Safe and Fair programme has been adopted by relevant national partners to enhance the education and skill development programme for Indonesia migrant workers.

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    ILO research highlights gaps and potential in use of technology to help youth find work

    26 July 2023

    Technological transformation in public employment services can support youth in Asia-Pacific to navigate labour market transitions and enter decent work.

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    ILO and MOHRSS of China join hands to enhance South-South cooperation and employment policymaking in South-East Asia

    25 July 2023

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS) of China launch a project to promote South-South cooperation for full and high-quality employment in South-East Asia.

  6. ILO supports the establishment of Provincial OSH Council and Sectoral Tripartite Forum in Riau

    21 July 2023

    The ILO Workers’ Rights Project continues to support the establishment of Provincial OSH Council and Sectoral Tripartite Forum in some provinces in Indonesia promote compliance of labour standards.

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    ILO calls for the policy reform on old-age income security system in Indonesia

    10 July 2023

    The ILO emphasizes the urgency of the policy reform on old-age income security system to prevent poverty as well as vulnerability among older people and their household during social protection dialogues.

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    ILO presents its key findings on maternity benefit scheme at the tripartite discussion

    07 July 2023

    Key findings of the ILO’s actuarial study are presented at the tripartite discussion, proposing the integration of maternity benefit to social security system for the benefits of all workers.

  9. ILO supports Indonesia’s joint labour inspection in the fishing sector to prevent forced labour at sea

    05 July 2023

    The ILO through its 8.7 Accelerator Lab programme has supported Indonesia to improve working conditions of fishers and prevent forced labour through the establishment of joint labour inspection system and strengthened coordination between labour and fisheries inspectors.

  10. Tripartite representatives of West Java Province adopted a joint statement on pension reform

    03 July 2023

    ILO supports the pension reform in the Province of West Java to promote certainty, adequacy, coverage, and sustainability of old age income security.