News and press releases

This is a list of official ILO press releases issued by the ILO office in Jakarta and Timor-Leste. Some are available in multiple languages, indicated on the top of each release. The most recent release is at the top.


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    ILO calls for the policy reform on old-age income security system in Indonesia

    10 July 2023

    The ILO emphasizes the urgency of the policy reform on old-age income security system to prevent poverty as well as vulnerability among older people and their household during social protection dialogues.

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    ILO presents its key findings on maternity benefit scheme at the tripartite discussion

    07 July 2023

    Key findings of the ILO’s actuarial study are presented at the tripartite discussion, proposing the integration of maternity benefit to social security system for the benefits of all workers.

  3. ILO supports Indonesia’s joint labour inspection in the fishing sector to prevent forced labour at sea

    05 July 2023

    The ILO through its 8.7 Accelerator Lab programme has supported Indonesia to improve working conditions of fishers and prevent forced labour through the establishment of joint labour inspection system and strengthened coordination between labour and fisheries inspectors.

  4. Tripartite representatives of West Java Province adopted a joint statement on pension reform

    03 July 2023

    ILO supports the pension reform in the Province of West Java to promote certainty, adequacy, coverage, and sustainability of old age income security.

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    More than one in four workers in South-East Asia employed in global supply chains

    27 June 2023

    International Labour Organization Working Paper highlights scale of South-East Asian labour market engagement in global supply chains as well as need for strengthened policy and enhanced skills development to maximise decent work benefits.

  6. ILO and Apindo sign a partnership agreement to promote responsible digital wage payments in Indonesia

    20 June 2023

    The ILO and Apindo join forces to promote the transition from cash to responsible digital wage payments by signing a Collaboration Agreement. This will enable Indonesian workers to have better control over their wages and benefits.

  7. Timor-Leste develops various programmes to reach a future without child labour

    16 June 2023

    In conjunction with the commemoration of the World Day Against Child Labour (WDCAL), the Government of Timor-Leste, with support from the ILO and UNICEF, take actions to eradicate child labour in the country.

  8. Indonesia to build resilience to climate shocks with Adaptive Social Protection

    15 June 2023

    The ILO and its partners jointly support Indonesia to explore the potential of social insurance schemes to be integrated in the Adaptive Social Protection system to address climate risk and minimize the impacts of related shocks.

  9. ILO & UNICEF call for urgent measures to stop the worst forms of child labour

    12 June 2023

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) have renewed their call for the prioritization of social safety nets and provision of quality social services to help protect children against the worst forms of child labour in Timor-Leste.

  10. Governor of West Java supports ILO’s financial inclusion and SMEs development

    06 June 2023

    The Governor of West Java greatly welcomes the delegation of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) to further strengthen collaborations on financial inclusion and the development of SMEs in Province of West Java.