Feature stories

This is a list of official ILO feature stories issued by the ILO office in Jakarta and Timor-Leste. Some are available in multiple languages, indicated on the top of each stories. The most recent stories is at the top.


  1. Skills development during and after the pandemic: Challenges and opportunities

    09 July 2020

    Skills development can improve productivity and help workers, including youth, diversify their employment opportunities. Yet, skills development programmes have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. Tauvik Muhamad, ILO’s Japan Skills Project Manager, provided insights on how to continue improving skills development during and after the pandemic as part of the effort to build ready-to-work, skillful generation of Indonesia.

  2. Industry-school partnership gives better opportunity for youth to decent jobs

    06 July 2020

    The ILO’s latest survey reveals the voices of Indonesian youth on transitioning from school to work. It is already a tough challenge to make transition into decent employment for youth even in best economic times. It is even tougher during the crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.

  3. Knowledge helps Indonesian fishers survive the pandemic and prevent human trafficking

    17 June 2020

    Fishing is one of the sectors impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Fishers do not only lose their livelihoods but also face a greater risk of human trafficking. The ILO and its partners raise their awareness for better protection and prevention.

  4. Online youth engagement to prevent the spread of COVID-19

    05 May 2020

    One of the ILO’s OSH youth champions manages and organizes a weekly livestreamed talkshow to engage Indonesian youth to better protect themselves and prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

  5. The journey of a young, inspiring woman to promote inclusivity and women in STEM

    20 February 2020

    Her passion for technology and her determination to promote inclusivity has pushed Hastu Wijayasri to break layers of barriers as a woman in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and as a person with disability. She has been active sharing her life journey as inspiration.

  6. Opportunity or Challenge? Promoting greater participation of Indonesian women in STEM

    17 February 2020

    Women are at risk of being replaced by technology, including automation and robotics, at the as they are employed predominantly in jobs requiring low science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills. Michiko Miyamoto, Country Director of the ILO in Indonesia, explained about the importance of promoting greater participation of women in STEM in Indonesia and the support given by the ILO on this issue.

  7. Teamwork makes the entrepreneurship dream work

    04 February 2020

    A trio of young entrepreneurs are taking the leap into Jakarta’s creative accessories market with the support of ILO’s Ready for Business youth entrepreneurship programme.


  1. Harmonizing minimum wage system

    13 December 2019

    An opinion editorial by Daniel Kostzer, the ILO's senior specialist on wages for Asia and the Pacific published by the Jakarta Post on 13 December 2019

  2. “We also have dreams”: An entrepreneurship journey of transgendered entrepreneurs

    18 November 2019

    Transgender persons have the same right to employment just like everybody else. Three entrepreneurs share their journeys of passions, hopes and determinations for equal employment opportunity through entrepreneurship.

  3. Providing a breast milk delivery service to support workers’ exclusive breastfeeding programme

    12 November 2019

    In addition to the lactation room, Better Work Indonesia ‘s garment factory PT Ungaran Sari Garments (PT USG) has moved ahead with a new delivery initiative, ensuring babies of its women workers always have adequate supply of breast milk while their mothers are at work.