Feature stories

This is a list of official ILO feature stories issued by the ILO office in Jakarta and Timor-Leste. Some are available in multiple languages, indicated on the top of each stories. The most recent stories is at the top.


  1. “Now, I can afford my children’s education”

    29 October 2010

    By Gita F. Lingga, Communications Officer of ILO-Jakarta. (Wamena, Indonesia): “This training changed my mindset,’’ said Yulia Walilo, a honey bee entrepreneur in Lani Jaya. Participating in the ILO’s Entrepreneurship Skills Development (ILO-ESD) project last year, Yulia was able to gain new knowledge through the GET Ahead module.

  2. “Nyeki Awa Loh Halok, Nyape Awalok Hat”

    29 October 2010

    By Gita F. Lingga, Communications Officer of ILO-Jakarta. (Wamena, Indonesia): “The programme not only gave me knowledge, but it also gave me a chance to expand my business by helping me with a loan,’’ said Serlina Wenda, a coffee milling entrepreneur in Jayawijaya. When joining the ILO’s Entrepreneurship Skills Development (ILO-ESD) programme in 2009, Serlina had been an established entrepreneur, with a coffee milling business that had run for more than a decade. But she believed that her business knowledge needed to be updated and developed.

  3. Human story – A simple woman who is able to transform Nias

    01 October 2010

    Aries Zebua is a young woman, 24 years old, and is from Nias. Several years ago she managed to complete her high school education and then began working in a local contractor company. Two years passed by, after which Aries decided to move to Medan. Here she worked at the Polonia Airport as part of the cargo handling crew for 3 years, before she finally was asked to return home by her family.

  4. Human story – A better road for the future

    01 October 2010

    Mrs. Murniati Bate’e is one of Nias Island’s indigenous people originating from Dahana Village in Gunungsitoli Idanoi sub-district. She works alongside her husband as a farm worker. As a farm worker, the income of Mrs. Bate’e often varies greatly, as does her working hours. She wished for a job so that she could provide her family – especially her children - with a better start in life.

  5. Learning centers help children reach their dreams

    20 May 2010

    By Dede Sudono, Programme Officer for Child Labour and Education and Gita Lingga, Communications Officer of ILO Jakarta. (Jakarta, Indonesia): Dozens of children packed inside a small house in Tugu Utara Village, North Jakarta, to enthusiastically watch a big hit movie titled Meraih Mimpi (Reaching dreams). Their eyes were glued to the screen, enjoying every scene of this inspiring film about believing in and reaching your dreams.

  6. From a migrant worker to a cooperative leader

    15 March 2010

    By Muhamad Nour, Labour Migration Project Coordinator in East Java, and Gita F. Lingga, Communications Officer of ILO-Jakarta. (East Java, Indonesia): in The global challenges of the crisis, however, can still turn into opportunities. And, here is a story of Waniti, a 38-year old mother of three. This former migrant worker established a cooperative specifically designed and targeted to former migrant workers and their families in Malang City, East Java, Indonesia. Malang City is well-known as one of the main sending areas of migrant workers in the country.

  7. Securing a business idea, stopping working overseas

    15 March 2010

    Siti Mutia’s family was very poor with no permanent job or regular income. It forced her husband, Joko Susanto (39) to seek work overseas as a plantation worker in Malaysia. The family had to sell their cattle to fund the cost of Joko’s departure through an overseas employment agency in the town.

  8. Reaching for a better future through vocational training

    15 March 2010

    Nikodemus Nisa or Niko, the youngest of six siblings, was born in Soe, TTS District, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia. When his father died, he was raised by his uncle in Tanini Village, Kupang District—a remote area with a limited access. He was just 8 years old at that time. Unfortunately, his family was unable to support his education. He was out of school after graduating from the elementary school.

  9. A great transformation of a young entrepreneur in Maluku, Ambon

    15 February 2010

    Sarmin is one of the victims during the conflict in Ambon, Maluku. When coming back to his village in 2008, after being imprisoned for four years, he did not know what he was going to do. His future was uncertain. Yet, his life was changed dramatically when he followed the steps of his friends to join a community learning centre.


  1. Launch of a young enterprise in East Java

    15 December 2009

    Without start-up capital to purchase machinery, Luluk and her small team improvised by borrowing sewing machines and equipment from family and friends. As a result of their exposure to local buyers and businesses at the Bromo Agrofestival, their souvenir business, Embeon Productions, is now steadily growing.