The ILO Country Office for Pakistan publishes a wide range of books, reports and working papers relevant to Pakistan. Some of these can be downloaded directly. Others can be requested in hard copy from the ILO Library in Islamabad.


  1. Report on experience sharing and advocacy workshop: integrated support programme to home based workers

    15 April 2011

    Under One-UN Project “Towards Gender Parity in Pakistan (TGP)”, ILO and UN-Women have jointly initiated five pilot projects to provide “integrated support to Home-Based Workers” in different sectors and geographic locations. The “Experience Sharing and Advocacy Workshop” was held to highlight good practices and learning from the lessons in one of the pilots in Sialkot (Punjab).

  2. GE4DE news, Volume # 2

    01 March 2011

    This edition of the newsletter comes to you in the wake of Pakistan Women's Day in February and International Women’s Day in March, and the host of news features, documentaries and songs we have seen about women bearing the brunt of domestic violence, sexual harassment, ‘honour’ crimes, discrimination at work and general secondariness in life.

  3. Draft sector wide study on gender and employment in coastal areas of Pakistan

    25 February 2011

  4. Rural skills training: A generic manual on training for rural economic empowerment

    25 February 2011


  1. GE4DE news, Volume # 1

    01 December 2010

    This is the first, quarterly, newsletter, meant to introduce the project and the project team to you, and bring you on board as we commence our journey. We will continue to share our progress, achievements and learning with you, and keep you interested in gender equality and decent work.

  2. Brief report on the observance of the World Day Against Child Labour 2010 Pakistan

    12 June 2010

    Various activities commemorating the World Day Against Child Labour were held in Pakistan during the period 10 – 16 June 2010 under the over all theme of the campaign “Go for the Goal … End Child Labour”. The Day was celebrated in collaboration with the ILO tripartite constituents; Government, Employers and Workers, and the partner NGOs, civil society, academia, and target beneficiaries.

  3. Recognizing and supporting home-based workers

    10 February 2010

    Intended to guide and support the Provincial and Local Governments, in developing their own strategies, plans and programmes for the protection of labour rights of home-based workers.

  4. Pakistan employment trends brief 2009 (series no.6)

    07 January 2010

    Provides the first district level labour market information for the district of Faisalabad focusing on the age group of 15-29 years old and their school-to-work transition. Based on the analysis of this transition and the identification of the obstacles, more effective youth policies and programmes can be designed in Pakistan.


  1. Evolution of the industrial relations system in Pakistan

    15 December 2009

    A discussion paper on evolution of industrial relations in Pakistan.

  2. Compendium of small scale research grants for university students in Pakistan

    15 June 2009

    This compendium is the outcome of the joint efforts of the ILO Office for Pakistan and seven universities across Pakistan under the initiative "Small Scale Research Grants for University Students" as an integral part of the project "Women's Employment Concerns and Working Conditions in Pakistan"

  3. Pakistan employment trends for women 2009

    01 May 2009

    The analysis in this issues discusses the economic integration of women and their access to decent work opportunities. The results confirm persistent gender inequalities in the labour market.

  4. Towards achieving social and financial sustainability: A study on the performance of microfinance in Pakistan

    07 January 2009

    Analyses the performance of microfinance sector of Pakistan in fulfilling its dual objective social uplift and achieving financial sustainability. The main focus of this report has been the performance of microfinance industry in Pakistan with specific focus on both supply and demand side issues. insight into the key findings of the survey. Moreover, it has also reviewed the impact of microfinance on child labour among poor families.

  5. Gender sensitization of women and men trade union workers

    05 January 2009

    This resource was part of a series of trainings on gender sensitization have been organized as the part of Action Programme signed between ILO and Pakistan Workers Federation (PWF).


  1. Advanced leadership programme for women trade union leaders/office bearers in Pakistan

    01 December 2008

    Provides background information about the Advanced Leadership Programme for Women Trade Union Leaders/Office Bearers in Pakistan.

  2. Gender audit of workers welfare fund: Development portfolio

    01 December 2008

    In countries like Pakistan, the gender question assumes greater relevance as typical social norms and behaviours tend to discriminate against the interests and expectations of women and further reinforce the historical concentration of power.

  3. Capacity building of key state functionaries on International Labour Standards: Policies, programmes and practices

    21 November 2008

    This report is part of the ILO's Women Employment Concerns and Working Conditions in Pakistan Project (WEC-PK) which designed a training course as its key constituent for the capacity building of future policy-makers of Pakistan.

  4. Need assessment report: Creche (day care centers) for children of working women

    16 November 2008

    Unfolds the concept and need of crèche (child day care center) in a country like Pakistan. It highlights the role crèche are playing in other countries, their impacts on the society with special reference to the children of the working women.

  5. Pakistan employment trends 2008 (series no.4)

    14 November 2008

    The analysis in this issues discusses Pakistan's progress in creating "full and productive employment and decent work for all including women and young people", as a prerequisite for achieving Millennium Development Goal by identifying decent work challanges the Government, employers and workers will be in a better position to develop and adapt labour market policies and action plans.

  6. Pakistan employment trends 2008: Youth

    01 May 2008

    Provides information and analysis focusing on young people. It presents a quantitative assessment of the realities of Pakistan’s youth labour market and identifies the challenges facing young people.

  7. Small scale research grants for university students in Pakistan

    18 March 2008

    Relates the outcome of the joint efforts of the ILO Country Office for Pakistan and seven universities across Pakistan under the initiative "Small Scale Research Grants for University Students" as an integral part of the project "Women's Employment Concerns and Working Conditions in Pakistan.