ILO supports the Government of Pakistan’s endeavour to launch of National Compliance Center

The Government of Pakistan has launched a National Compliance Center with the aim to make businesses in Pakistan more competitive, responsible, and sustainable. ILO expressed support in ensuring labour and environmental obligations are met.

Press release | Islamabad, Pakistan | 18 April 2023
ISLAMABAD (ILO News): The Government of Pakistan has launched the National Compliance Center to promote labour compliance and social responsibility in the country. Led by and anchored within the Ministry of Commerce, the centre, the first of its kind in Pakistan, will work to improve labour, social and environment standards to help businesses in Pakistan become more competitiveness, responsible and sustainable.

The launch of the National Compliance Center was attended by Political leaders, dignitaries from the Government, diplomatic partners, Industry representatives and development actors including USAID, World Bank, GIZ, and the ILO.

The National Compliance Center will use a cluster approach to address concerns facing Pakistani Industry, helping increasing compliance and thus the exporting base in the country. These clusters include Human Rights, Climate Change, Sanitary and Phytosanitary standards, Labour Rights, Traceability, Sustainability, Quality Assurance, Governance and Democracy.

Mr Naveed Qamar, Minister Commerce and Industries, in his remarks said that the launch of the National Compliance Center is an important milestone for Pakistan, as it demonstrates the government's commitment to its national and international obligations, while also proactively taking measures to convene stakeholders and partners supporting trade and compliance from various perspectives.

Ms Khemphone Phaokhemkeo, Officer In-Charge of the ILO CO for Pakistan, emphasised that the launch of the National Compliance Center comes at a critical time, as Pakistan faces significant economic and labour market challenges, including informal employment, low wages, and poor working conditions. The center will help to address these issues and promote inclusive economic growth and social development in the country.

The launch of the National Compliance Center is a positive step towards improving labour standards and protecting workers' rights in Pakistan. The ILO stands ready to support the government and is committed to working together to promote social justice and decent work for all.