ILO Decent Work Team Senior Employers Specialist visits Pakistan

Mr Ravi Peiris, Senior Specialist, Employers Activities, from the ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team (DWT), New Delhi Office, recently visited Pakistan and had detailed deliberations with the ILO Pakistan team and with the Employers Federation of Pakistan (EFP) to take stock of their needs for technical assistance from the Bureau for Employers' Activities of the ILO (ACT/EMP) and from the Employers Specialist in the DWT Team.

News | 22 May 2017
During his mission Mr Ravi Peiris, discoursed at length with the ILO Pakistan office team how the ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team (DWT) in collaboration with the ILO Pakistan Office could support the ILO constituents specially the Employers' Federation of Pakistan (EFP) in contributing to achieving the objectives laid down in the Pakistan Decent Work Country Programme III (DWCP III).

In pursuance of his mission Mr Ravi Peiris, went to Karachi to meet the newly elected leadership of the EFP. He visited the EFP Office and met the newly elected President Mr Majyd Aziz, the V. President, Mr Zaki Khan, and the General Secretary, Mr Fasih ul Karim Siddique and the staff of the EFP Office. Detailed discussions and meetings focusing on strategic planning and future needs of the EFP were the core topics.

The EFP President apprised Mr Ravi, on how the EFP has envisioned a future course of change with increased and vibrant membership which would ultimately lead the EFP to financial stability and playing a proactive role as a vibrant Employers organization in the country. The mission reiterated the support of the ILO Pakistan Office and the DWT Specialist teams to enable the EFP to play a proactive role and take concrete steps in the realization of the DWCP III priorities in Pakistan.

Mr Ravi Peiris also reiterated the technical support of the ILO Pakistan office and of ACT/EMP to enable the EFP to become a more productive organization and to deliver results based on the ILO approach of the Results Based Management (RBM) in pursuance of achieving the cherished goal of Decent Work in Pakistan as documented and agreed in the DWCP III 2016-2020.

The ILO mission also inaugurated the Customers Relationship Management (CRM) system of the EFP, a computer based information system, provided to the EFP by the International Training Centre of the ILO — ITCILO. The system will enable the EFP to keep track of its membership, paid up membership, activities, office bearers, etc and help to generate reports and is part of the technical assistance that the ILO is providing to the EFP to enhance its capacity.

The ILO mission also met the Towel Manufacturing Association (TMA) in Karachi, who apprised them on the functioning and history of the TMA and on the problems that the garment industry is facing and how the EFP could help raise their issues with relevant authorities as a spokesperson for the Employers and what ILO could do to flag their issues to the government authorities.

During his mission Mr Ravi also met the Federal Secretary - Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development (OPHRD) Mr Suhail Aamir and the Joint Secretary OPHRD, Ms Atifa Raffat and briefed them about the role of the technical specialist in the ILO DWT and apprised the secretary of his meetings with the EFP. The Federal Secretary OPHRD appreciated the role of the ILO Pakistan Office in providing technical support to the Government, Employers and Workers in achieving the DWCP goals and targets.