Child labour: Child Labour Platform (CLP)

Child Labour Platform (CLP)

The Child the Child Labour Platform (CLP), a thematic membership-based workstream of the UN Global Compact Labour Working Group (LWG) and functioning under its supervision and oversight. This thematic workstream builds on an earlier initiative taken by the Dutch Government, the UN Global Compact and the Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative (NGO) to enlist broader business commitment to the roadmap on the elimination of child labour adopted during the 2010 Child Labour Conference at The Hague.

Objectives: The Child Labour Platform has the following objectives:
  1. To foster the exchange of business, government, workers' and employers' organizations and civil society experience in addressing child labour, particularly in supply chains, as a means to maximize collective learning opportunities among the members of the Platform.
  2. To identify obstacles to business implementing the ILO and Global Compact child labour principles/key dilemmas faced and advise on practical ways of overcoming them.
  3. Catalyse cooperative approaches to addressing child labour in selected communities and countries, including by linking efforts undertaken by companies to existing and future country-level institutions and programmes.
  4. Contribute to building the global knowledge base on child labour in supply chains through research and development of sector-specific and general tools and documentation of good practice and give input to Global Compact and ILO strategies for mainstreaming good practices on child elimination efforts.
The CLP will be cross-sectoral; however sectoral working groups may be formed so that CLP can devote more direct and in-depth focus on sector-specific themes and issues.