1. World Day Against Child Labour 2021

    The ILO makes an urgent appeal to protect Myanmar’s children as child labour rises to 160 million worldwide

    11 June 2021

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    It takes a community to end child labour

    10 June 2021

    Meet Peace Okebugwu, a project manager at the Beulah Future Leaders Foundation. She is using community education to help end child labour in Nigeria.

  3. World Day Against Child Labour

    Global progress to end child labour has stalled

    10 June 2021

    Global progress to end child labour has come to a halt for the first time in over two decades, reversing the downward trend that saw child labour fall by 94 million between 2000 and 2016. The number of children in child labour has risen to 160 million worldwide – an increase of 8.4 million children in the last four years. That means one out of every 10 children is today in child labour. To reverse this trend, the ILO and UNICEF are calling for increased spending on public services and education, decent work for adults, and stronger laws to protect children better. Find out more: &

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    2020 Global estimates of child labour - Frequently Asked Questions

    10 June 2021

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    World Day Against Child Labour

    Child labour rises to 160 million – first increase in two decades

    10 June 2021

    The International Labour Organization and UNICEF warn nine million additional children at risk as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.

  6. Child Labour

    ILO and UNICEF to release latest estimates of child labour

    03 June 2021

  7. Child labour in time of COVID

    Combating child labour in times of COVID-19: the example of the CLEAR Cotton project

    02 June 2021

    The CLEAR Cotton project implements the Accelerated Schooling Strategy (Stratégie de scolarisation accélérée – passerelle - SSA/P) in Burkina Faso and Mali, in order to withdraw children from cotton fields and send them back to school. During the first campaign, the COVID pandemic broke out, and solutions had to be implemented to keep these children in school and away from the fields.

  8. Press release

    ILO Supports Nigeria's Response to Child Labour Emergency

    28 May 2021

    Nigeria has set the wheels in motion for a remarkable International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour (IYECL) 2021 with the validation of the second cycle of its National Policy on the Elimination of Child Labour and the launch of the National Action Plan (NAP) for the elimination of child labour (2021-2025)

  9. News article about MAP16 efforts in Morocco

    Morocco has rolled back child labour for the youngest – now, COVID-19 looms

    25 May 2021

  10. Press release

    Preventing children from pesticides – visual facilitator’s guide contextualized to Pakistan

    13 April 2021

    ILO and FAO’s co-produced tool “Protecting children from pesticides - Visual facilitator's guide” contextualized to Pakistan for simplified understanding and appropriate navigating the risks associated with pesticides.