1. SDG target 8.7

    The United Nations system supports Côte d'Ivoire in its strategic planning of priority actions to combat child labour.

    20 October 2021

    The challenge for the Government is to achieve a real synergy of action between all actors, both public and private, technical and financial partners and civil society organisations, at both central and decentralised levels

  2. Combating child labour in cocoa farming

    Focus on WIND: an ILO integrated approach to eliminate child labour in cocoa farming

    06 October 2021

    Abidjan (ILO News) - The International Labour Organization (ILO) through the ACCEL Africa project (Accelerating Action for the Elimination of Child Labour in African Supply Chains), and its partners from the National Agency for Rural Development (ANADER), the Coffee and Cocoa Council and the Ministry of Employment and Social Protection, carried out a mission from 27 September to 1 October 2021 in Soubré in the west of Côte d'Ivoire to monitor and update the individual and community work plans of the training pairs whose role is to improve the living and working conditions of actors in the cocoa value chain according to the WIND (Work Improvement in Neighbourhood Development) approach.

  3. Article

    L'Organisation Internationale du Travail (OIT) et le syndicat des enseignants du Malawi (TUM) s'associent pour éliminer le travail des enfants par l'amélioration des écoles et l'accès à l'éducation

    01 October 2021

    Ce partenariat intervient à un moment critique, car le COVID-19 a contribué à l'augmentation des taux d'abandon scolaire, notamment en raison des impacts socio-économiques de la pandémie, ainsi qu'à la fermeture périodique des écoles

  4. Article

    International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) partner to eliminate child labour through school improvements and access to education

    01 October 2021

    This partnership comes at a critical time, as COVID-19 has contributed to rising rates of school dropouts, including because of the socio-economic impacts of the pandemic, as well as periodic school closures.

  5. Winning research proposals

    15 Junior Researchers Awarded Fellowships and Seed Grants

    28 September 2021

    A promising group of researchers are selected to address knowledge gaps in the field of child labour, forced labour, and human trafficking.

  6. Article

    ILO promotes the extension of Universal Health Coverage to rural households in cocoa-producing areas

    22 September 2021

    In Côte d'Ivoire, the project focuses on the "cocoa supply chain" in the sub-prefecture of Soubré and M'batto and includes a social protection component. This component aims to find ways to strengthen the social protection of families on cocoa farms and thus improve decent working conditions for the adult workforce, which would have a direct impact on reducing child labour.

  7. Child labour

    The CLEAR Cotton project offers education opportunities as an alternative to child labour in the cotton fields

    21 September 2021

    The CLEAR Cotton project contributes to national efforts to eliminate child labour in the cotton, textile and garment value chain in Burkina Faso, Mali, Pakistan and Peru.

  8. Video

    Video documentary - Protecting children from Pesticides in Pakistan

    05 September 2021

    Building on ILO and FAO’s joint tool “Protecting Children from Pesticides - Visual Facilitator's Guide” this video documentary highlights the risks associated with pesticides to children in Pakistan and showcases the mitigation actions.

  9. ILO in action

    An end to child labour and forced labour in Uzbekistan's cotton harvest

    31 August 2021

    Uzbekistan is the sixth largest producer of cotton in the world. Two million people pick the cotton every harvest. The ILO is working with the government, workers, employers and civic society to bring about an end to child labour and forced labour during the harvest.

  10. News

    Training of Trainers Workshop on cooperative development for the elimination of child labour conducted in Mali

    27 August 2021

    The ILO’s Cooperatives Unit and its FUNDAMENTALS Branch joined forces to organize a TOT workshop on cooperative development for the elimination of child labour in Mali in select supply chains