Resources on hazardous child labour


  1. Publication

    From exploitation to education: action against the worst forms of child labour through education and training

    01 April 2000

    World Education Forum Dakar, Senegal, 26 - 28 April 2000


  1. Publication

    A New Tool to Combat the Worst Forms of Child Labour - ILO Convention 182

    26 October 1999

  2. Publication

    A new tool to combat the worst forms of child labour: ILO convention 182

    01 August 1999

    Special edition produced for the American regional meeting, August 1999 in the occasion of the lauching of the C182 ILO convention.


  1. Publication

    National report on child labour in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

    01 June 1997

  2. Meeting document

    Combating the most intolerable forms of child labour: A global challenge. Amsterdam child labour conference report, 26 to 27 February 1997

    01 February 1997

    Organised by the Netherlands Government in close collaboration with the ILO. Ministers from twenty countries (two-thirds of whom were from developing countries), other government representatives from thirteen countries, representatives of employers' organizations and trade unions, representatives of international organizations and NGOs, and representatives of working children's organizations were present.

  3. Publication

    Children at work: Health and safety risks

    01 January 1997

    This publication provides information on hazardous occupations so that priorities can be set by the legislators, policy-makers and authorities at national, municipal and community levels, including traditional leaders. The main feature of this publication is to propose a strategy from a health perspective to address the problem of child labour. It identifies a possible model which may be of interest to a broad audience.