Child labour and armed conflict - Information resources

Resources on children associated with armed forces and groups



  • Enfant soldat” (song) (2009)
    This song on children associated with armed forces and groups “Enfant soldat”, composed by Daniel Beaume, was recorded in France in June 2009 with the youth choirs “Jeune Choeur de Lozère” and “Chorale du Collège de Châtel-Guyon. (Format: MP3 - Duration: 6min20 – Size: 7.5 MB).
  • From hell to hope: Giving child soldiers a chance to start over (video) (2007)
    This 20 minutes documentary, produced by for IPEC, shares some good practices in economic reintegration of children formerly associated with armed forces and groups in the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. It is based on activities of the IPEC Inter-regional Programme on the Prevention and Reintegration of Children Involved in Armed Conflict (2003-2007). The film also exists in French. (Format: Mov – Duration: 20min58– Size: 197 MB)
  • Uganda child soldiers (video) (2005)
    A report on forced labour from the International Labour Organization (May 2005) highlights the situation of child soldiers, forced to kill or to serve as sex slaves. In Northern Uganda, some reports suggest that 20.000 children have been abducted and used during a long-running conflict with the Lords Resistance Army in the north of the country. (ILO TV Reports).

Resources on other worst forms of child labour in conflict settings