SCREAM Programme

Tackling child labour and empowering children in Syria

In Syria, SCREAM was implemented in four targeted governorates: Aleppo, Damascus, Rural Damascus and Homs. The SCREAM activities were planned and carried out in coordination with key partners, including the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour (MOSAL), UNHCR and three NGO’s: Al Nada, Child Care and Al Nama’a.

Presentation | 06 August 2020
The ILO, UNHCR and the participants agreed on an action plan to implement the modules in the SCREAM Education Pack, initially with 400 children and youth. Over the course of the project, more children were involved and, as of December 2019, 473 children had participated in SCREAM activities.

Through SCREAM, the children and youth become more aware of the problem of child labour and developed new skills to take their message to the community.