World Day Against Child Labour - High-Level Thematic Forum

TOGETHER for a brighter future without child labour

Celebrating the World Day Against Child Labour 2019, we look back at a century of struggle and forward to future challenges and opportunities. The thematic forum will focus on the major transformations being experienced in the world of work, whether the result of technology, environmental or demographic change, and what this means for the youngest in society. Given the proven policy areas for combatting child labour, the discussion will also focus on accelerating action towards SDG Target 8.7, entailing “the ratification and implementation of fundamental ILO labour standards and compliance in law and practice.” The forum will be followed by the second segment on “Empowering actors for social change” which will focus on the role of partnerships in building the momentum for campaigns and action against child labour. Within the context of the WDACL and the ILO’s SCREAM (Supporting Children’s Rights through Education, the Arts and the Media) programme, it will highlight the key role of children and youth in such efforts.


Thursday, 13 June 2019,

  2. Mr Guy Ryder - ILO Director-General

  2. Mr Kumi Naidoo - Secretary-General, Amnesty International
  3. Statement by Honourable Minister Mr Santosh Kumar Gangwar, Minister of State for Labour and Employment, India
  1. DEBATE: Accelerating action against child labour

  2. Ms Juneia Martins Batista - Women’s Secretary, Single Confederation of Workers (CUT Brazil)
  3. Mr Assefa Bequele - Founder and Executive Director of African Child Policy Forum
  4. Ms Sue Longley - Secretary-General, International Union of Food, Agriculture, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations (IUF)
  5. Ms Jacqueline Mugo - Executive Director, Federation of Kenyan Employers
  6. Ms Molly Namirembe - Youth advocate and SCREAM trainer, Somero Uganda
  7. Ms Tanzila Narbaeva - Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan
  8. Ms Phyllis Kong Wai Yue - Human Rights and Responsible Sourcing Specialist, Ferrero
  9. Moderator: Ms Conny Czymoch - International journalist and moderator
  10. Statement by Mr Woldeyesus E. Gulay, Director General of Labour, Ministry of Labour and Human Welfare, Eritrea

  2. Ms Amina J. Mohammed - Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations
  1. VOICES: Empowering actors for social change

  2. Ms Lina N. Alvarado Riaño - Youth advocate and National Youth Leader of the “100 million for 100 million” campaign (Colombia)
  3. Ms Marah Khalil - Youth advocate and Member of the Children’s Podium (Jordan)
  4. Mr Benoît Machuel - General Secretary, International Federation of Musicians
  5. Mr Anand Singh - Chief Regional Coordinator for Asia-Pacific, Education International
  6. Mr Blasko Smilevski - Executive Director, JM International
  7. Moderator: Ms Beate Andrees - Chief, Fundamental Principals and Rights at Work Branch, ILO
  8. Announcement by new Chair of Alliance 8.7, Ms Anousheh Karvar, Delegate of the Government of France to the ILO Governing Body.

  2. Children from “La Découverte” school (Geneva) involved in the 2019 “Don du chœur” project will share their message and songs, accompanied by pianist Mr Andrea Amanti.

    Songs: "One and a Million" and "I wish I knew" (how it would feel to be free), courtesy of Sign Up

  2. On this occasion, the ILO will launch two publications:

    “Tackling child labour: 100 years of action” on the history of the fight against child labour, the ILO’s contribution and the way forward;

    “SCREAM Music Module” of the Education Pack “Supporting Children’s Rights through Education, the Arts and the Media” (SCREAM).

    Followed by refreshments. Copies of the historical book will be available.

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