“The 2016 discussion at the ILC on Global Supply Chains (GSC)”, Child Labour Platform (CLP) Webinar

The Child Labour Platform (CLP) webinar on “The 2016 Discussion at the International Labour Conference on Global Supply Chains (GSC)”  will take on 14 September 2016 at ILO (Geneva) from 17:15–18:15 CET, 16:15–17:15 GMT, 11:15–12:15 EST

The 2016 discussion at the International Labour Conference on Global Supply Chains (GSC) was an historic first: the tripartite constituents of the ILO engaged in in-depth discussion, debate and analysis of global supply chains and their profound and complex effects on the achievement of decent work for all. The discussion identified key opportunities and challenges to decent work and inclusive development related to GSCs; examples of governance systems conducive to achieving decent work in supply chains; measures to be taken by government and social partners; and a framework for ILO action to promote decent work and inclusive development through global supply chains.

The Child Labour Platform (CLP), a business-led, cross sectoral forum for exchange and collaboration to tackle child labour in supply chains, will hold a webinar for its members and those of the UN Global Compact Human Rights and Labour Working Group on the GSC discussion.

Participants in the CLP webinar are:
Benjamin Smith, Child Labour Specialist, ILO
Alette Van Leur, Director, Sectoral Policies Department, ILO
Linda Kromjong, Secretary General, IOE
Philip Jennings, General Secretary, UNI Global Union

Moderator: Ben Chin, UN Global Compact

Alette Van Leur, who led the support provided by the International Labour Office to the Conference Committee on GSC, will provide an insider’s perspective and overview of the GSC discussions, identifying the key topics of debate among the Committee members and assessing the implications of the Committee’s far reaching conclusions for the ILO’s current and future work related to GSCs.

Following Ms. Van Leur’s intervention, the Co-Chairs of the Child Labour Platform will provide a brief commentary. Linda Kromjong and Philip Jennings will highlight the key elements of the discussion from the perspective of employers’ and workers’ organizations, respectively, reflect on the role of social partners and business in achieving decent work and inclusive development in global supply chains, and share their thoughts on how the Child Labour Platform can contribute to this goal.

For further background to the webinar and the ILC Discussion, please see the ILO report on GSCs prepared by ILO’s Sectoral Policies Department.

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