Web Seminar

Web seminar on building supply chains free of child labour

On June 30 will take place the webcast of the 5th Web Seminar "Prosperity without sacrifices: building supply chains free of child labour", organized by the International Labour Organization (ILO) as part of the commemorative activities for the World Day Against Child Labour, which in its 2016 edition has as its central theme the elimination of child labour in supply chains

The Web Seminar will have the following interventions:
  • “From the production and supply chains to the large enterprise, challenges of eradicating child labour”,
    Merten Sievers, Global Coordinator and Specialist in the development of production chains of the ILO (Geneva)
  • “Private Sector contributions to combating child labour”
    Diana Chavez, Director of the Regional Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean in support of the UN Global Pact (Colombia)
  • "A look at the reality"
    • Experience of the Colectivo Floresta Project - Technical Assistance Programme to açaí extractive communities in the Amazon, Brazil
      Luiz Andre Soares, Senior Manager of Sustainability, Coca-Cola (Brazil)
    • Experience of the Project Zero tolerance towards child labour and Bonsucro certification, Mexico
      Mario Rene Hernandez, Manager of Quality Management of Ingenio Lazaro Cardenas (Mexico)
In today’s globalized world, where multiple offshored and outsourced actors intervene, supply chains are becoming more complex and cover a multitude of sectors, countries and regions.

Recent ILO report, Decent work in supply chains, shows that while it must be recognized that these processes of economic and production globalization have contributed to job opportunities of quality, improve productivity and competitiveness, and develop local and regional markets, it is also necessary to recognize that more links in the supply chain, there is less control over each of them, more items to monitor, increased default risk of fundamental principles and rights at work and chance of situations as child labour arising.

Child labour denies children their rights to be free from danger, to education and professional training of quality, and to play and rest. The right to be free of child labour is a fundamental right and, along with the other fundamental principles and rights at work, it is essential for the achievement of decent work for all.

“Prosperity without sacrifices: building supply chains free of child labour” Web Seminar