• ILO/Crozet/Pouteau/Albouy
  • World Day Against Child Labour 2016 Geneva Event (08.06.2016)

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End child labour in supply chains - It's everyone's business!

World Day Against Child Labour 2016

This year, the focus for World Day Against Child Labour – marked on 12 June - is on child labour and supply chains. With 168 million children still in child labour, all supply chains, from agriculture to manufacturing, services to construction, run the risk that child labour may be present.

Child labour has no place in well-functioning and well regulated markets, or in any supply chain. The message that we must act now to stop child labour once and for all has been affirmed by the Sustainable Development Goals. Acting together, it is within our means to make the future of work a future without child labour."

Guy Ryder, ILO Director-General

Geneva Event Highlights

  1. Marking the 2016 World Day Against Child Labour in Geneva

  2. Andrews TAGOE, Head of Program, Rural workers at General Agricultural Workers Union of Ghana

    MaryAnn MIHYCHUK, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour of Canada

    Jorge TRIACA, Minister of Labour of Argentina


  3. Musical performance by the “Choeur pour l’abolition du travail des enfants” from Côte d’Ivoire How many tweets with hashtag #NOChildLabour have been sent during the high-level panel discussion?

  1. A mobile application against child labour

    Eliminating and preventing child labour: Checkpoints for Companies

    This app allows business managers and auditors to create interactive checklists that will help them ensure a child labour-free operation. There are 18 checkpoints in total, divided into six categories. Each checkpoint provides best-practice recommendations for taking action.