World Day Against Child Labour 2002: A future without child labour

Around the world, some 246 million children between 5 and 17 years old are working instead of attending school.

That's one out of every six children in the world today.

Nearly three-quarters of these children are exposed to work that is hazardous for their health and safety.

That equals one out of every eight children around the world.

The International Labour Organization has chosen June 12 as World Day Against Child Labour to focus world attention on the urgent need to eradicate child labour.

Child labour is a complex problem that requires comprehensive solutions driven by moral outrage, personal commitment, community determination and national action.

This is a day to remember the children and to commemorate those who work to bring about a world without child labour.

This is a day for employers, governments, workers' groups, and civil society to renew their mandates to make that world a reality - a world where parents work and children go to school.