Resources on child labour and education


  1. Instructional material

    Combating child labour through education: A resource kit for policy-makers and practitioners

    23 March 2009

    Education strategies have proved critical in the prevention of child labour and in rehabilitation of former child labourers. This education resource kit pulls together research, guidelines, tools and good practices on combating child labour through education. The 25 resources included in the kit constitute a diverse and comprehensive collection of resources developed by ILO-IPEC and its partners during the period 2002-2008.


  1. Publication

    Child labour, education and health: A review of the literature

    19 November 2008

    This paper reviews the rapidly-expanding literature on the relationships between child labour, education and health. With the renewed interest in child labour as an economic and social problem, researchers have attempted to assess its linkages to the core elements of human capital, hoping to solve continuing riddles in development policy and improve the quality of life for the world¿s poorest and most disadvantaged inhabitants.

  2. Publication

    Thematic review report on formal and non-formal education to combat child labour

    01 November 2008

  3. Instructional material

    Forging linkages between child Labour and youth employment programmes across Asia and the Pacific: Handbook for ILO field staff

    01 September 2008

    This Handbook seeks to enhance the cooperation, collaboration and coordination of activities between ILO-IPEC and YEP, with a particular focus on the Asia-Pacific region. It provides an overview of specific child labour and youth employment challenges,outtlines key conceptual linkages, elaborates on the pillars on which collaboration can be built and makes concrete suggestions for future technical interventions.

  4. Instructional material

    IPEC's education and skills training activities - Technical design guidelines

    01 July 2008

  5. Instructional material

    Child labour and education policy - A training manual

    01 July 2008

  6. Publication

    Child labour and education: Evidence from SIMPOC surveys

    09 June 2008

    A new working paper analyzing a diverse sample of SIMPOC national survey data from all world regions. The authors review evidence of the impact of child labour on education, emphasizing the effects of child labour on school attendance, grade repetition, dropout, literacy achievements and overall human capital accumulation.

  7. Brochure

    Combating child labour through education

    05 June 2008

    This booklet provides an overview of IPEC’s work on child labour related to education and to broader ILO concerns on training and skills development.

  8. Publication

    World Day Against Child Labour (WDACL) 2008: Country activities

    01 June 2008

  9. Publication

    World Day Against Child Labour (WDACL) 2008: Facts on education and skills training to tackle child labour

    01 June 2008