Legal resources


    International Labour Standards, national labour and social security laws.

  2. CEE Labour Legislation database

  3. Employment protection legislation database - EPLex

  4. Forced Labour Observatory (FLO)

    ILO platform provides global and country information on forced labour.

  5. IRLex

    The ILO Legal Database on Industrial Relations.

  6. Labour Provisions in Trade Agreements Hub (LP Hub)

    An online database on labour provisions in trade agreements.

  7. LEGOSH - Global database on occupational safety and health legislation

    OSH legislation and national regulatory frameworks.


    National labour, social security and related human rights legislation.

  9. Reported incidents of abandonment of seafarers

     ILO and IMO produced platform for vessels reported as abandoned.

  10. Triblex

    Thematic analysis of ILO Administrative Tribunal case law.

  11. Verification of credentials

    Case law concerning nominations of Conference delegates and advisers.

  12. Working Conditions Laws Database

    Legislation on the regulatory environment of working time, minimum wages and maternity protection.