5-16 June 2023

Credentials Committee

General information

The Credentials Committee (ILC Standing Orders, article 8 and Part 3) is composed of one Government, one Employers’ and one Workers’ delegate, appointed by the Conference. It meets in closed sittings.

Its responsibilities include:
  • examining the credentials, as well as any objection relating to the credentials, of delegates and their advisers, or relating to the failure to deposit credentials of an Employers’ or Workers’ delegate;
  • considering any complaint of non-observance of article 13(2)(a) of the Constitution (payment of expenses of tripartite delegations) or concerning delegates or advisers prevented from attending the Conference;
  • monitoring of any situation with regard to the observance of the provisions of article 3 or article 13(2)(a) of the Constitution, about which the Conference has requested a report;
  • determining the quorum required for the validity of votes taken by the Conference (article 22(3) of the Standing Orders).
All information concerning the submission of credentials can be found in the Credentials section of this website.

Committee documents

  1. ILC.111/Record No. 2A(Rev.1)

    First report of the Credentials Committee

  2. ILC.111/Record N° 2B(Rev.1)

    Second report of the Credentials Committee