Recurrent Discussion Committee: Employment

General information

The Recurrent Discussion Committee: Employment (CDR) will meet from 30 May to 9 June 2022.

The tentative Plan of Work of the Committee, subject to the approval of the Committee, is composed of three segments:
  1. general discussion in plenary of Committee around the suggested points for discussion;
  2. preparation of the draft outcome document (Conclusions) of the Committee by the Drafting group; and
  3. discussion of amendments to the draft outcome document (Conclusions) in plenary of Committee.
At its final sitting, the Committee is expected to adopt an outcome document (Conclusions) that will be submitted to the plenary of the Conference for adoption on Saturday 11 June.

Proposed resolution and conclusions

This report contains the text of the proposed resolution and conclusions submitted by the Recurrent Discussion Committee: Employment for adoption by the Conference.

Adoption of Committee report in Conference plenary

The report of the Recurrent Discussion Committee on Employment is (tentatively) scheduled to be adopted at the plenary of the Conference on Saturday 11 June as of 14:30 (CEST).

Should you wish to take the floor during the plenary please send this form, duly completed, by noon (CEST) on Friday 10 June to: and send your statement to the mailbox of the Committee's interpreters:

Time limits for statements:
  • Regional groups: 5 minutes
  • Individual delegates: 2 minutes